Metallic Sweater #ClosetEssentials

In the previous months and probably years, metallic colors have been widely used in all fashion industry.
We see them on nail polish, eye shadows, shoes, handbags, and all kind of clothings. And this is why we cannot exclude them from our #ClosetEssentials list.

We have already talked about how the golden top became an essential, now is the sweater’s turn.
Your metallic sweater can be blue, red, green, gold, silver or even white with metallic threads or sequins.

If you are not much into sparkling or colorful tones, then a clear color with some threads will go as your metallic sweater.
If you are a shiny girl, then look for your best metallic color according to your eyes and skin tone guide. Either gold, silver or any other tone.

Metallic sweaters come from either the thread itself or a painting over a mate color. It can also come from sequins or sparklings attached to the sweater. We suggest you take care of the garmet according to the instructions, so you can enjoy a great looking piece for a long time.

You can wear metallic sweaters from day to night. In a formal or casual way. Wear it with black or white at no risk, or with a neutral color to soften the sparkling effect.

This is an accent piece, which means it is better not to have more than one piece of this color in your outfit.
Metallic is also consider texture, which means you need to be careful combining this with other textures.
By: @SallySalas_


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