Moto Jacket #ClosetEssentials

The moto jacket is on trend. It does not matter the season, in fact, it is very practical to us it early morning or by the afternoon if it is chilly. If you live by the beach due to humidity or if it rains.

The moto jacket can be made of leather, faux leather, sequins, tapestry or any other fabric, the important is the moto style with zippers and cropped.

You can wear it on a casual form with jeans of any color. As well as dress pants to make your office outfit a bit casual, if you do not want to look too formal with a blazer. You can wear it with an A style mid calf skirt, for a sixties look with flats or heels. And of course with shorts for a weekend or vacation.

The moto jacket is a versatile item that make you look trendy, young and casual if you know how to match it.

You can wear it as an statement piece, when it is on a different and unique color in your outfit. It goes also in the same color palette as your outfit if you are wearing neutral colors, pastels or lights.

When wearing jeans, you can have a long top underneath, with skirt or shorts, your blouse should go shorter, according to your figure.
By: @SallySalas_   @Klosette  #ClosetEssentials


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