Denim Shorts / Skirt  #ClosetEssentials

According to the weather and place where you live, and your life style, you might preffer to wear denim shorts, skirt or maybe both. The shorts are useful in summer to go to the beach, on vacations or going out to country yard. The denim skirt goes more to the city scenarios and to give you a more feminist look. Both can be distressed or not, according to your style. Now a days this style is everywhere even in jeans and jackets. You can buy them or distress them yourself. There are several tutorials you can find online, it is easy and will give your clothes a very unique touch.

There is another style in use righ now but not for so long, the combination of several tones of denims and uneven sewing attachings, I personally do not consider this a long term style, so be careful using it as essential. Remember always align to the classic and simple lines for this closet essentials wardrobe.

The denim shorts or skirt goes well with a cotton top with or without sleeve depending on the weather. I suggest to look always for cotton or natural fabrics, they go better with denim, prefferably on neutral or light colors.

Your shoes in natural materials will match perfectly, spadrilles, tennis, sandals or leather shoes. This is for warm weather in a casual style. Over the knee boots add a very chic and sophisticated look wearing them with shorts. Match them with cool or cold weather with jackets or sweaters in the same natural materials.

By: @SallySalas_ @klosette #ClosetEssentials


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