Beige/Camel Coat #ClosetEssentials

The Camel or Beige Jacket is a neutral trendy color that goes well with most of your wardrobe. According to the weather in your area or the season of the year, you have a wide variety of fabrics for this jacket.

The trendy style is a long jacket, more on a coat style. This can be from your hips down. Cropped jackets are only for dresses or skirts, but when you have a good figure you can wear it with everything.

The beige color can be light, cappuccino, khaki or camel. On summer the right fabric is cotton blend or linen. Be sure not to get 100% cotton because it will shrink easily and will not look nice. It might be combined with lycra or rayon. On cold weather you can choose cashmere or wool full or blended

If you get this jacket on a solid pattern it might combine easily, especially if you get the trendy camel, but if you buy a second jacket, this could have some texture, some metallic thread or any other thread color. This extra color will look great with jeans or combined with a contrast color on a top or bottom.

The Beige blazer goes well with all pants colors: white, beige, brown, gray, black, burgundy, pink, green, blue, etc. Your top can be white or in any neutral color, with or without texture. If you would like to try any other color besides neutrals, this must be in the same tone as your pants, solid or with a tiny pattern.

Pants can be replaced with a skirt or short according with the weather, your style and occasion.

By: @SallySalas_  @klosette  #ClosetEssentials



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