Black Pants #ClosetEssentials

It is necessary for you to have a pair of long pants wide leg. You can wear them in formal events on day time or at night time with a short blazer in any color to make you look fancy. If you are going to a semiformal event, you can stylish it with a leather moto-jacket or in any other material. These pants can be made of a light fabric on warm climates or wool or a tighter fabric at cold weather climates. This style of pants help you with your figure to look taller and thinner.

The black tight ankle formal trousers are on trend, now that shoes are becoming key pieces in your wardrobe. These pants can be worn in the office or in any day time event with flats or make it formal with pumps. These pants should have some lycra to fit your shape.

A pair of black leggings or jeggings are also necessary in your closet. These are stretch and tight to wear with boots and long below the hips blouses, dresses or sweaters on top. This is a very practical outfit, you can wear at the university, the office or the club. The secret is the style of the top and accessories. We recommend to look for good quality cotton for this item, otherwise it will look old in a short time. Leather or velour are also good materials for this type of pants particularly on winter.

By: @SallySalas_    @Klosette  #ClosetEssentials


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