Leopard Print #ClosetEssentials

Leopard print has been on trend for several years now and this year is not different. What has been changed with the seasons is the fabric, the colors you match it with and even the leopard back color, from pink, blue or red.

It is important to enfasize the type of fabric. If you would like to look always trendy look for a sheer fabric like chiffon. Matte fabrics like cotton or rayon do not help much the leopard patern making it looking magnified in the color and over contrasting. Sometimes lycra has the same effect, so I do not recomend those fabrics.

You can use the pattern size from small to large on: blouses, skirts, bags (only if it is not the whole bag, just part of it) and scarfs. Do not use a large leopard pattern on: pants, shoes, coats or blazers.

Several colors go with the cheetah/leopard print. But this season match it with: white, black, pastels (aqua and pink) neutral colors (gray and beige). Do not match it with camel or brown. Red, orange or fiusha are too hot and will make your outfit look cheap and taste less, so I suggest to avoid it.

Leopard is an statement, which means is will stand out so you can not have more than one statement piece in your outfit. Depending on the size of leopard piece you are using, sometimes it is possible to use a small clutch, a bangle, scarf or shoes at the same time. Only one piece if it does not show too much.
By: @SallySalas_  @Klosette  #ClosetEssentials #ShoppingFashion


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