White Pants #ClosetEssentials

White pants not only take part of the closet essentials, they are also a piece that will make you always look elegant if you learn how to choose them.

White pants are not for people who always mess up their clothing. They are very delicate and they most look impecable at all times.

Pants can be off white or winter white. Is there a difference? Yes, I am talking aboou slightly ivory or totally defined white. The material can be light rayon, so the fabric will flow with the movement and fall. In combination with some polyester will fit you better around the hips and back.

The style can be straight or slightly loose and the length should almost cover your shoes, so If you wear heels, must be half the heel size for an elegant and refined look. Yo can wear them any time, day or night with a metallic, leather or black top.

Another different option can be a thicker fabric like cotton, but then the stle must be fitted skinny and the length to the ankle. This will give you an executive look with good classic pumps, not sofistcated but professional. You can wear them in the office or for a day cocktail with a cropped blazer, pastel sweater or sheer blouse.

This garment depens a lot of your personality, type of work or life style to choose it. But you can also have a pair of skinny jeans that goes with everything at all ages.

By: @SallySalas_   @Klosette  #ClosetEssentials


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