Cable Knit Sweater #ClosetEssentials

If we are talking about 80s and retro, the cable knit sweater is one of the pieces, and this season is a must!

Several fashion designers have adapted this great winter top, giving it a modern touch like Michael Kors as a poncho, or keeping their fabulous shape like Ralph Lauren. But always keeping the chunky knit.

In the 80s the main color was ivory or beige and 100% wool. Now there are different combinations with acrylic, cashmire, cotton, etc. and in a variety of colors from forest geen, red, burgundy, cobalt blue, etc.

The collar can go from turtle to cowl or simple round. All go great with jeans or black pants and a coat for a heavy winter, or a skirt on a chilly climate with OTKB (over the knee boots) for a sofisticated look.

They also go well with a wide fedora hat on a matching color, a scarf or benie, depending on the place you are going, from fashion to casual looking.
Each and every option will guarantee you a success this season.
By: @SallySalas_  @Klosette  #ClosetEssentials


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