Black Blazer #ClosetEssentials

The black blazer is an essential piece in your wardrobe and depending on the climate where you live and your activities, you might need more than one.

The first and most necessary is a regular formal with black buttons and preferable fully lined that you can use in the office or in a formal dinner. Look for one in rayon or linen over cotton, because the last one fades its color easily ar washing and might get fury. This blazer must alwasys look goon and new so it is better if you buy a good one and take good care of it sending it to the dry cleanning.

The second one can be a light blazer not lined that you can use in template climates and can be cropped to wear it wit a dress or long  for a casual look. If you live on a chilly climate can be made of wool lined or even longer  trench style.

If you have extra budget you can add a military black blazer or jacket with gold or silver buttons, or with white lines, windows, squares or any other white detail. This is an statement jacket for an special event day or night and you can go even further with sequins, studs or any other exotic aplications to call for atention.
Por: @SallySalas_  @Klosette  #ClosetEssentials


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