Denim Jeans (dark, medium,light) #ClosetEssentials

How many jeans you should have?

Depending on your activities and your age, you can determine how many denim jeans to have. But now a days with more casual activities in different ambiances, your list can increase.

The basics are:
The dark blue denim you wear mainly on winter, due to the use of dark colors. This can be in loose style which is still on and will be the rest of the year. But can also be skinny to wear them with boots over the knee or ankle, both are a must this season so you choose your style.

The medium blue distressed denim can be worn all year round. The more distressed, the younger the lady! This go with everything, from blazers to jackets or sweatshirts with sneakers. The skinny style goes cuffed up.

The light denim jeans are mainly used in spring-summer to match them with nude or pastel colors. The best style is skinny but can also be cropped, to wear them with sandals flat or heeled. This can also be distressed if it is your style.

This are the very basic, so you can have the three colors in different styles according to your budget, so you can be totally in fashion mode.
By: @SallySalas_   @Klosette  #ClosetEssentials


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