Black Tank Top #ClosetEssentials

The Tank Top is a blouse with no sleeves, no buttons and no collar. You can wear it with shorts or skirts, from denim, neon or colored patterns. You can also wear it with jeans, trousers or palazzos for a great look in the office. Or try it with leather leggings for a sophisticated look.

I suggest to have at least two. One made of heavy cotton that you need to hand wash for a long lasting life. And one made of chiffon or a sheer fabric wrinkle free for a formal look.

For a night use you can try the formal one with anything on the bottom, but with gold or silver accessories you will look fashion and simply elegant.

The cotton one can be use during the day. It is fresh and will go well in any season, jus add a jacket or blazer and will totally change the look.

By: @SallySalas_  @Klosette   #ClosetEssentials


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