It is a must to have at least one white shirt on your #closet. It could be with or without buttons; with or without collar, either one will work.

It is better if you get it long sleeve, and if this could be transform to ¾ sleeve is better, then you can use it ¾ casual with jeans, white pants, skirt or even shorts. You can use it with long sleeve on a formal way under a sweater, with a blazer or by itself. To give it a sophisticated look, wear it with black and a hat. Dress it up any time with accessories: gold, silver, pearls and others.

Make sure to look for the right fabric, rayon, cotton blend, polyester or silk. If you wash correctly these fabrics, you will always have a real white color.

Keep in touch to read future articles on how to take care of each specific fabric, so you can have your clothes with a new look for long time. This white shirt is one of the must have pieces you should always keep in your #closet no matter the season.

By: @SallySalas_   #closetessentials